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Refund Policy

Refunds are granted only when the tubing hill has to close. Occasionally it will close or be postponed due to weather conditions, power failures or some unforeseen condition. 

We can transfer your session date and time to a NEW session date and time IF it is at least 24 hours prior to the event.

Refund Process
If you purchased your ticket(s) with a debit/credit card, then your card will automatically be refunded on the day of the cancelled event.  Your reservation will no longer be valid.

If you purchased your ticket(s) with cash, check or Bogus Bucks, then we will do the following:
    -If paid with cash or check, then a check will be mailed to you within four weeks from date of cancellation.
    -If paid with Bogus Bucks (Bogus Basin gift card), then a refund will be put onto a NEW Bogus Bucks card.  Your card will be placed on will-call at the Bogus Basin sales office (2600 Bogus Basin Rd).

NO cash refunds

Phone:  208-332-5493 or 208-332-5330