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Stay in the yurt at Bogus Basin for a unique experience!

  • $125/night (2 pm check-in; 1pm check-out)
  • Sleeps up to 12 (4 bunks and 1 futon; bottom of 2 bunks are doubles)
  • Pack in/pack out
All non-Season pass holders will be required to purchase a trail pass to access the yurt during the winter season. 

You will need to ski or snowshoe to the yurt.  Foot traffic is not allowed!


1.  Read Bogus Basin's
    Winter (December - April) Yurt Policies and Trip Planner Information (pdf)
    Summer (May - November) Yurt Policies and Trip Planner Information (pdf)

2.  Reserve online here >>  Visa, Discover or MasterCard payments only.  No Bogus Bucks (gift cards) accepted.  We require a Visa, Disc or MC as payment for damages or additional cleaning that may be required after your stay.  Please confirm your selected date prior to finalizing your reservation on the check out page.

3.  Complete a Yurt liability/damage form and FAX: 208-332-5102 or EMAIL: AFTER completing your reservation.

4.  Cancellation Policy:  A cancellation outside of 14 days will be fully refunded.  A cancellation within 14 days is non-refundable.  If Bogus Basin has to close the yurt due to unforeseen circumstances, then you will be refunded in full.

If you have questions, then please contact us by e-mail at

The yurt is a 27' diameter structure (mongolian style tent) that sits on a 30' x 33' foot deck. It is located approximately 1 kilometer (2/3 of mile) from Frontier Point Nordic Lodge.

Rental will include an outhouse, firewood,gray/waste water system, 3-burner propane cooking stove,propane lanterns, table &chairs, bunks and futon, dishes, utensils. All minors must be accompanied by an adult (21 years of age). No groupsof minors are allowed at the yurt without adult supervision.

The yurt is primarily a "pack-it in / pack-it out" facility with guests bringing their own food, drinking water, sleeping bags, and propane gas for the lanterns.Propane is provided for the 3 burner cooking stove. Staying in a yurt is a perfect "easy" camping experience; a shelter with wood heat, no electricity, or running water - yet much more comfortable than tent camping! User groups should be prepared to deal with the many variables that can present themselves in any outdoor adventure.

The addition and installation of this yurt at Bogus Basin is made possible through a grant from the US Forest Service.