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IMPORTANT: Read this page prior to ordering your season pass online.This information can be very helpful even for someone renewing a pass. When finished proceed to the order page below.


The name on the pass must be verifiable with ID.  Minors excluded with parents ID.


If you are not a current pass holder and you would like to apply a lift ticket dated on or after Feb. 16, 2015, then you will need to bring the ACTUAL lift ticket (no receipts) to the sales office on Bogus Basin road.  Only one ticket/one day is applicable at the time of purchase.  The ticket is applied to the current sale rate.  No refunds on a ticket after purchase date.


Sorry, but Bogus Bucks are not accepted on-line. If you would like to use your Bogus Bucks, then please call 208-332-5162 to order your season pass. Please note: After a sale has been finalized on-line, we will not refund a debit/credit card to apply a Bogus Bucks payment.


Current pass holders or Previous pass holders can request us to mail a pass.  Passes are ONLY mailed in the FALL.  Individuals 18 years of age & younger will have to have an updated photo every other year.  If you request us to mail the pass and we notice that it has not been updated, then we will not mail the season pass.

If this option is not available as you purchase your pass, then we may have removed the button due to the time of year.  If you would like your pass mailed to you, and we have a current photo on file, then make your request by phone (208-332-5162) between September 1st and November 30th.  Otherwise, you will need to pick it up at the Bogus Basin sales office (2600 Bogus Basin road) during office hours.


If you continue with this order, you are NOT signing up for the "Learn to Ski/Board" program that includes lessons, rentals, and a season pass.  Please call the ski/board school for additional information.  208-332-5340  


NEW for 2015-16:  The FAMILY pass can no longer be purchased on-line due to the complication of pricing and understanding of who qualifies.  Please call or order in person during sales office operating hours.  208-332-5162


NEW FOR 2015-16:  All pass holders (or parent/guardians of minors 17 & under) must sign the actual season pass card accepting the agreement on the back of the card for it to be valid. Please sign the pass with a fine point permanent marker.  If you do not have one, then our sales office on Bogus Basin road or the Simplot ticket office will have markers available.  PARENTS/GUARDIANS, you will need to sign your minors pass prior to use.

Every pass item you select to purchase MUST have a pass holder name attached.  The pass holder name is shown to the left of the "person" image in the cart.  If there is no name, then select "add/change guest" to add the pass holder.  If it is the incorrect name, then select "add/change guest" to change the pass holder.   You CANNOT finalize the transaction until you assign a name to each pass item.

Do you have additional questions before ordering?  For assistance, call 208-332-5162 or email