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Credits on season passes are based on restricted conditions -- medical or relocation (100 miles or more) from the Treasure Valley. Valid documentation is REQUIRED to process the credit. The credit is placed on a Bogus Basin gift card (Bogus Bucks) and expires in 5 years. You can request a transfer of your pass to another individual if the season has not started and the pass has not been issued. The transfer is for the current season.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is not a refund. A credit is issued on a Bogus Bucks card.  Purchaser must agree to this policy at the time of purchase for a season pass.  


  • Season passes will not be credited for adjustments to hours and days of operation based on snow conditions and/or skier visits.
  • Bogus Basin's fiscal year ends May 31.  Credit requests made after May 31 (of the expiration year on the pass) will not be accepted.
  • Any credit due to a medical condition is for that individual only. The credit does not extend to family members.
  • A credit for a family member on a "Family" pass is based on the number of members in the family and their ages.
  • Season passes are not "rolled over" or "transferred" from one season to another, with the exception of the "Passport" season pass.
  • Season passes purchased with a College Discount will only be refunded for medical conditions, not for relocation.
  • Change in employment status is non-refundable.

Submit documentation with a CREDIT REQUEST FORM and season pass (if issued) to:

  1. mail:  2600 Bogus Basin Road     Boise, ID  83702
  2. fax:  208-332-5102
  3. email:  **Send document as a pdf    

Provide the following REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION and your season pass, if issued. Credits will not be issued with out the return of the pass.

     MEDICAL:  a letter from a physician stating medical condition (date of injury, surgery, etc)

     RELOCATION:  proof of relocation, such as a monthly statement (utility, bank, etc) or lease, or a copy of employment papers from hiring or transferring company. Car insurance or drivers license will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, then please e-mail us or call our sales office at 332-5162.