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Personal Responsibility for Gear Q & A:

Bogus Basin’s ski and snowboard check has been eliminated this season. There is a cost savings of $70,000. This is not the only budget item that has been eliminated at the area. Bogus Basin has taken other significant measures in order to retain affordable recreation at Bogus Basin. Please take responsibility for your gear and use the new lock-up racks outside each lodge. Low-cost, high value locks are available at Bogus Basin’s Black Diamond Sports or most other valley sporting goods stores.

Q: why is Bogus Basin removing free ski and snowboard check at this time?
A: this is a challenging economic time and Bogus Basin is pushing cost-saving measures to keep the price of skiing and snowboarding affordable.

Q: why not just charge for the equipment check?
A: the most cost efficient way to deal with ski check is to use a lock.

Q: can I pay more for my season pass and enjoy a ski and snowboard check?
A: this has been discussed among staff and board members. It’s a consensus that Bogus Basin would not raise enough revenue to pay for ski and snowboard check. Nearly everyone has something at Bogus that they would pay extra for but not everyone agrees on what that one item would be.

Q: what do the locks look like?
Images here

Q: What if I forget my lock while I’m on the mountain?
A: Bogus Basin has low-cost locks available for purchase. Ski locks are about the size of an iPod and can fit in your pocket.

Q: What if I don’t have any money?
A: There are ATM’s at Simplot Lodge and Pioneer Lodge. And you can split your skis or safeguard your board just as you do at most other ski areas.

Q: Great, but I want free ski check.
A: It comes down to personal responsibility. Few of us leave our bicycles unattended when we are riding; ski and snowboard gear is no exception. Please take measures to protect YOUR gear.

Q: What happens if my gear gets stolen?
A: Post the photo (the one you've taken with your cell phone) of your gear on our social media pages and seek the help of the Bogus Basin community in finding it.  Also, check on-line marketplaces like Craigslist, EBay, ZIdaho, etc. for your gear.