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Stay Warm & Dry: How to dress for winter recreation

Staying warm, dry and comfortable will make your skiing or snowboarding experience much more enjoyable.  How to do it?  Dress in multiple, lightweight layers

Layer 1: Closest to the skin

  • Synthetic long johns that wick moisture away from the skin work best to help keep you warm and dry
  • BIG HINT: No cotton! These fabrics retain moisture,
    causing your body to chill

Layer 2: Middle layer for warmth

  • Synthetic fleece is a great insulating fabric, as are many other synthetic fibers
  • Choose sweats, turtlenecks and sweaters that wick moisture
    and 'breathe' to help you stay dry and warm

Layer 3: Outer layer to stay dry

  • Choose snow pants and ski/snowboard coats that are water-resistant or water-repellant
  • NO COTTON gloves! Warm, insulated, water repellent snow gloves/ mittens will keep your hands warmer/dryer
  • Synthetic fleece or wool hat
  • It is always recommended that you wear a ski or snowboard helmet
  • Neck 'gator' or scarf to cover your chin and nose

Other important items:

  • Goggles, sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Wrist guards for snowboarders
  • Dry clothes for the car ride home
  • Change for pay phone or lockers (.50/locker available at the lodge)

Great deals on cold weather gear:

  • Black Diamond Sports is located adjacent to the J.R. Simplot Lodge with a variety of items to purchase.  A limited supply of coats and bibs are available for daily rental through Black Diamond Sports at 332-5373.
  • The Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation “Ski Swap” first weekend in November at Expo Idaho (the Western Idaho Fairgrounds)
  • Used sporting goods equipment outlets
  • Pre-season ski/snowboard shop sales
  • Borrow from friends, family and/or neighbors