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Ski and Board FAQs

1. What is your credit/refund policy?

All Ski & Board school programs are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Credits may be available for the following situations:
  • Unable to attend a session of lessons due to injury
  • Moving out of town
  • Program cancellation

Once you are notified that the program has been canceled, please contact the office within one week to discuss credit or transfer options.  Credits will be applied to a "Bogus Bucks" gift card which can be redeemed for services offered through Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area.

Contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your scheduled program.  Any request must be  followed up with a Doctor’s note, or a letter from you, explaining why attendance is not possible.

Private Lessons:  Please contact us no later than 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule or receive credit for a private lesson. If we are not notified of an absence within 24 hours of the lesson, a credit will not be issued and you will forfeit your lesson fees.

Credits will be good through the following season and may
be used on any Ski/Snowboard program.  The amount of the credit is to be applied to the total cost of the program.

If you are unable to attend a lesson program, transfers to another session may be arranged.  At the time of your notification to the Ski & Snowboard school a review of transfer options will be made available to you.

Additional information
*  Bogus Basin's fiscal year is June 1 - May 31.  Any refund/credit requests made outside of the fiscal year will not be accepted.  (For example, if you are requesting a credit for a lesson that took place in the season of 2013-2014, then the request has to be made before May 31, 2014.  A request made after May 31, 2014 would be denied.)

2. When are lift tickets included?

Lift tickets are complimentary for kids ages 6 and under and for guests ages 70 and better.  We also offer students registered for a private first-time beginner lesson a complimentary "Coach" ticket.  All guests MUST have a ticket or pass to access our lifts, available on the mountain at the ticket window.

3. When is rental equipment included?

Rental equipment is included with our Passport program only.  All Passport participants will recieve equipment for their lessons.  Guests who are in the Passport Early Session, December and January, get lease equipment for the entire current season.  Passport participants who take the late sessions, February and March, are treated to unlimited, complimentary rentals at Bogus Basin during the current season, after completion of lessons.  

4. What if I have purchased a season pass, but want to sign up for the Passport program?

You can exchange your season pass for the Passport program. Call the ticket office at 208-332-5162. You will be asked to turn in your current pass. Your Passport season pass voucher will be issued on the last day your series of lessons.

5. What if I purchase a Coach lift ticket, but I want to ski a different lift?

Coach lift tickets for beginning skiers and boarders are free with the purchase of a private lesson.  After the lesson, if you want to use a different lift, you must pay full price for that lift ticket.

6. Can I ski with my kids in a lesson?

Your request to ski with your kids in a lesson can be guaranteed only if you purchase a private lesson or a Form a Group Special. Our other group lessons are divided according to age and ability.

7. What class should I sign my children up for if they need trained personnel to ride the lift with them?

Trained chair riders are guaranteed only with our Mouse programs, and with private lessons. If there are two or more 3-6 year-olds in a private lesson, an additional $8.00/hr per child will be charged for chair rider assistance.  If your child is 7 or older and you want a chair rider, you can always take a private lesson.

8. If I see a need for me, or my child to change classes, what should I do?

Talk with the instructor or the program supervisor.

9. Can I request a specific instructor when I am taking a group lesson?

You may request a specific instructor only when taking a Private or a Form a Group Special, but not with other group lessons.

10. Will we have the same instructor and be in the same class through the whole session?

We will do everything in our power to keep the same instructor with the same class throughout the session.  However, that cannot be guaranteed. Our main concern is to keep people with equal abilities in the same class, so adjustments are made as people progress at different rates. Substitute instructors will be used if for some reason the scheduled instructor is not able to teach that day.

11. My child can ski on blue runs. Why is the instructor keeping my child on green runs?

Many children can negotiate blue runs, but are they really skiing them?  If children are still using a breaking wedge to stop and control their speed, they should remain on green runs. A breaking wedge can quickly turn into a bad habit if it is used too much or if it is used on terrain that is too steep.  Our instructors are trained to teach kids to control their speed with complete turns across the hill before they take them on more advanced slopes.

12. Why do I have to wait until my child turns 3 by Sept. 1st before I can sign him up for a session of Mogul Mouse?

We organize our Mogul Mice into groups of three or four students.  While maturity rates do differ, our past experiences have shown that children that are just turning 3years old are too young to be successful in a group lesson.  Young 3 year olds generally do much better in private lessons.

13. What happens if I signed up for the Passport program, but I already have equipment?

We advise that you use our equipment (especially the skis). Our skis will be the proper length and the bindings will be properly set for your weight and ability.  With this great start, your chances are better for having a safe learning experience. If you have your own boots, be sure they fit properly with only one pair of socks.