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Nordic & Snowshoe Maps

Nordic Trail Descriptions

  • Nordic Highway (two-way traffic) Difficulty: Easiest/More Difficult Length: 4.5 km one way from the Nordic Lodge to the Junction. This is the main artery to all the trails in the system. The first 2 km are easy and the last 3 km moderate
  • Redtail (two way traffic/One way at Night) Difficulty: More Difficult/Most Difficult Length: 2.6 km. Access from the Nordic Highway. The first section of the trail is the easiest and can be connected to the Nordic highway at Exit A. The middle section of this trail allows access to the Highway at Exit B or continue on to Red Tail Extention, (which is one way only) for the most difficult terrain.
  • Weasel Trail (two-way traffic) Difficulty: More difficult Length: 1.5km. Access from the middle section of Red Tail. This has a quick, steep entry, a couple of challenging hills and then levels off before it joins Redtail Trail.
  • Sapper's Return (one-way traffic) Difficulty: More Difficult Length: 2 km one way from the Bitterroot chairlift back to the Nordic Center. This trail has an abrupt uphill climb, to the level of the trail, and then rolls along a tree covered lane.
  • Shafer Butte Extension (two-way traffic) Difficulty: Most Difficult Length: 2 km one way from the Shafer Butte Junction to the Shafer Butte Picnic Area. This is a continuous moderately steep climb. It overlooks the downhill ski area by Superior lift.
  • Mores Mountain Extension (two-way traffic) Difficulty: More Difficult Length: 1 km from the Shafer Butte Junction. Trail follows the Mores Mountain northern slope.
  • Sidewinder Loop (one-way traffic) Difficulty: Most Difficult Length: 2 km loop. A short but strenuous switchback climb leads to a fast descent with banked turns.
  • The Connector (two-way traffic) Difficulty: More Difficult Length: 1.5 km to the junction with the Lower Loop.
  • Lower Loop (one- and two-way traffic) Difficulty: Most Difficult Length: 5 km clockwise one-way loop offering challenging terrain.
  • Lower Loop Cutoff (two-way traffic) Difficulty: More Difficult, Length: 1km stretch that connects the Connector to the Flush and provides access to Meadow Trail.
  • The Flush (two-way traffic) Difficulty: More Difficult, Length: 2km trail that leads to the Lower Loop, Meadow Trail and Two Deer Trail. The trail is a more moderate route to the Lower Loop than the Connector, but slightly longer.
  • Two Deer (one-way traffic) Difficulty: Most Difficult Length: 1.5 km. Access from the Flush; it is a steep trail of alternating climbs and descents. It leads through the Stadium area and onto the Connector.
  • Meadow (two-way traffic) Difficulty: More Difficult Length: 1.5 km. Access from either the Flush or the Lower LoopCutoff. This is a rolling trail that winds through mixed forest and an open meadow.

Snow Shoe Trails

All of these trails allow two-way traffic and are relatively challenging, mostly off trail, hiking experiences!

  • Billy Goat Trail - 1km in length; Begins down the Connector and branches off to the west, heading off trail and down hill until it meets the junction of the Flush and Two Deer. Follow Two Deer back up hill to the Connector, turn left to return to the Nordic Highway and the Nordic Center. Marked with Gold Blazes.
  • Streamside Trail - 1.5 km in length; Joins Mountain Goat trail to complete either a 2.5 km or 3 km loop. Trail head is located at the junction of Redtail Trail and the Connector. The trail parallels the Nordic Highway and follows the stream (may not be readily apparent depending on snow depth) and drops down hill crosssing the Flush. Continue along the stream and through the forest until it connects with Mountain Goat trail. One can follow North Mountain Goat back up hill for a 2.5 km loop or follow South Mountain Goat up through the Stadium for a 3 km loop. Marked with Red Blazes.
  • North Mountain Goat Trail - Accessed from the "Connector", 1km in length drops down the west facing slope to Bogus Creek. Purple markers blaze this trail.
  • South Mountain Goat Trail - Also accessed from the "Connector" and 1 km in length; this trail travels through the stadium and follows Bogus Creek until it meets "North Mountain Goat Trail" and "Streamside Trail". This trail is marked with Orange blazes.
  • Mountain Goat Loop - 2 km loop created by joining North and South Mountain Goat Trails.