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Bogus Basin Nordic Team

The Bogus Basin Nordic Team (BBNT) is a non-profit Nordic ski team focused on young athletes ages 10-19. This team is part of a fast-growing winter sport in our area. The sport of Nordic skiing combines endurance, power, balance and rhythm to create one of the most challenging sports out there!

The aim of the BBNT is to help each of the young athletes we work with to become better people through nordic skiing. The pursuit of nordic skiing teaches us many valuable life lessons including focus, discipline, self-confidence, teamwork and the value of clean living. All of these attributes are qualities that will continue long after ski team is done.

As coaches, we strive to create a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere. We believe that all goals are important and will try to help each skier achieve his or her goals, whether they are about having fun, improving technique, or winning the World-Cup.

For more information visit the Bogus Basin Nordic Team's website at or email  Nick Crawford ( Head Coach/Program Director of Bogus Basin Nordic Team.